5 Steps to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

Have you ever heard that your phone’s battery life at the end of the day is the same percentage that you like your job? This may be truer for some people than others, but it’s all too common that regardless of how much you’ve interacted with your phone throughout the day, when you hit the end of your rope, so does your phone. A phone that held a 100% charge a mere hour or two ago may already be almost dead. But why?

Certain phone settings can be a huge factor in your phone’s ability to get a charge–and keep it. Here are a few quick checks you can make to find the culprit of your dying phone.

App Attack

It makes sense that the more time you spend on the phone, the faster you’ll drain the battery. But it’s not quite that simple. There are certain apps that may drain your battery faster. Apps like Snapchat, Netflix, or games with a lot of ads are huge sucks on your battery.¬†Check your phone settings to pinpoint exactly which apps are the hardest on your phone. From there you can decide which apps are worth your time and precious battery life–and which aren’t.

Turn Down for Watts

The easiest way to save some percentage points is to turn the brightness down on your phone (this works on laptops, too). Especially during the daylight, you don’t need to be at 100% brightness. Check your settings to see if your phone may even have a built in auto-brightness. Talk about the bright side.

Go off the grid

Location settings are another enormous use of not only data, but also battery life. When your phone is constantly communicating with GPS to find you, it takes a lot of power. So unless you’re doing some locale-specific browsing, keep the location off.

Harness the power of the phone

A lot of recent phones have built-in battery-saver modes that will adjust apps and settings for you, to help you get the optimal time from your charge. Give it a whirl and see if you notice a difference.


Ironically, the fastest way to keep a charge is actually to unplug your phone. And leave it somewhere. Go outside, read a book, have a meal with friends, or lay on the floor and contemplate life. Wherever your phone is, it’s probably at 100% since you’re not even using it.

Start Easy. Start Positive.