How Does Cold Weather Affect My Battery?

Cold Weather seems to bring numerous issues from freezing pipes, high electric bills, to dying vehicle batteries. While none of these things are convenient, keeping your car running can be an easy fix!

During cold weather (under 32 degrees), a lead battery loses up to 33% of its charge. The fluid inside the cell battery becomes gel like causing the molecular action in the battery slow down drastically. If your vehicle battery is not providing its recommended Cold Cranking Amps during warm temps, you may have serious problems in cold weather and need a replacement battery.

5 Things to remember about your battery in cold weather:

  1. Cold batteries will not accept a normal charge. They must be at an ideal temperature or they will require extensive charging time.
  2. Starting your engine periodically can save you from problems!
  3. Keep lead-acid batteries charged during cold weather.
  4. Testing your battery and being proactive about your battery life can keep you from getting stranded.
  5. Cold weather causes batteries to lose power.
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