A Battery For Every Part of Your Day

You may not even realize it, but batteries are incorporated in every part of your day, from when you wake up to when you go to sleep. You need batteries for all kinds of activities you do throughout your day. We have all of the batteries to fit your needs, and for those things you didn’t even know you needed. Here is a typical, battery filled day:


Wake Up

The first thing you hear in the morning is that cell phone alarm blaring for you to get up, yet this morning you wake up and realize it is 15 minutes past your alarm. You check your phone and realize that it did not charge the night before and so your alarm did not go off and you are running late. Your charger must have stopped working and you did not know it was having issues.

Drive to Work

Once you are up, fed, and ready to go, hop in your car and head to work. Oh no! Your car is dead. You forgot to have your battery checked at your last appointment and now you are going to be even more late for work.

Work All Day

Okay, you finally made it, you sit down at your desk and you are ready to get started with your day when you notice your computer won’t start. You go to plug in your charger and realize it is not working. Your computer battery is no longer working and you are stuck unable to get your work done. You now have to hand write all of your notes.

Watching a Movie

After a long day filled with problems, you are finally relaxed and excited to enjoy a nice dinner and movie at home with your family. When you go to turn on the TV, you realize that your remote control is not working properly. The batteries have not been changed in awhile and you are not stuck walking up to the TV and changing the channel by hand whenever you want to watch something else.


As you can see, batteries are a part of your everyday life. Just one of these problems could throw your whole day off. You can avoid having these battery issues by stopping into Ellis Battery and grabbing any batteries you may need for a day that is smooth sailing and battery issue free.

Start Easy. Start Positive.