Why Ellis Battery?

Strong Foundation

Ellis Battery was founded in 1998 by the Ellis family. For the past 20 years, Ellis Battery has grown abundantly throughout the Midwest. Today we thrive with the help of over 80 employees, a centralized distribution center, 7 retail/wholesale locations in Missouri and Mississippi, and over 3,000 retailers. Our retailers are serviced by our fleet of deliver trucks throughout Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Superior Customer Service

We continue to work closely with our staff and clients to ensure that Ellis Battery is top of the line and our customers are treated with dignity, the best service and competitive prices. Our research keeps up to date with new and improved batteries, along with a growing base of manufactures offered at our locations.

A Vast Inventory

At each our of 7 retail locations, we keep a large selection of inventory to keep your vehicles, fleets, boats, phones, and every other thing that takes batteries and keeps your life running!

Let Ellis Battery be your choice to “Start Easy. Stay Positive.”

Start Easy. Start Positive.