Outdoor Batteries

There is nothing sweeter than spending time outside as a family during the summer. Although life can be hectic during the summer months, it’s also a great time to slow down and enjoy the outdoors. Days are filled with children’s play and laughter as they celebrate their break from school. Evenings are marked by the […]


Camping Needs

It’s time to plan the annual family camping trip! You’re dreaming of fire-roasted hot dogs, fresh air, gorgeous views and plenty of s’mores. You’re taking off work to spend time with the kids, and you’re excited about their first big camp-out. You’ve been waiting for summer to arrive, and now that it’s here, it’s time […]


Summer RV Battery Needs

The summer season brings family vacations, road trips and cross-country exploration. Before you load up the family and hit the road in your recreational vehicle, visit the closest Ellis to make sure that your RV battery doesn’t need a replacement! When your vacation finally arrives, the last thing that you want to worry about is […]


A Battery For Every Part of Your Day

You may not even realize it, but batteries are incorporated in every part of your day, from when you wake up to when you go to sleep. You need batteries for all kinds of activities you do throughout your day. We have all of the batteries to fit your needs, and for those things you […]


How To Best Prepare for Summer Activities

Summer is right around the corner, which means fresh air, family time, and loads of outdoor activities. Whether you plan to spend your summer boating on the water, camping in the woods, or even road tripping in your RV, you want to make sure you have the right batteries so that your summer vacation runs […]


How To Pick The Right Marine Battery

HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT MARINE BATTERY   The warm weather is coming faster than you think, and Ellis Battery wants to be sure you’re prepared with a reliable battery (or in most cases, batteries)! Marine batteries are the most efficient when placed in the proper location on your boat and maintained regularly. Did you […]


How To Pick an ATV/UTV Battery

HOW TO PICK AN ATV/UTV BATTERY Just as you would carefully research a new battery for your car, you should take the time to research battery options for your ATV/UTV. The warm weather is coming faster than you think, and Ellis Battery wants to be sure you’re prepared with a reliable battery! MAKE A PLAN. […]


How Does Cold Weather Affect My Battery?

Cold Weather seems to bring numerous issues from freezing pipes, high electric bills, to dying vehicle batteries. While none of these things are convenient, keeping your car running can be an easy fix! During cold weather (under 32 degrees), a lead battery loses up to 33% of its charge. The fluid inside the cell battery […]

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