Choosing the Right Car Battery

Whatever you may have heard, here’s the truth: not all car batteries are created equal. When it comes to our cars, a lot of decisions can seem last minute or haphazard. It can be very easy for us to fall into the trap of not thinking about vehicle maintenance until our cars aren’t working the way they should. So the first step in finding the right car battery? Think ahead.

Make a plan.

Start research car batteries before you need one. If one day you wake up to a dead vehicle, it’s going to be difficult to price shop, compare quality, and research what type of battery you actually need. A good battery that hasn’t been exposed to the elements or abused by the owner should last around four years. We’re not suggesting you spend four years researching new batteries, but better to be a few years early than a few seconds late when it comes to car trouble.

Do your homework.

Research online or around the water cooler to see what brands people trust; especially people who drive a similar make or model to yours. Read reviews online, and see what you can find.

Consult the experts.

When it comes to batteries, the folks here at Ellis know a thing or two. Come into one of our locations (we have six!) or give us a call. We’re here to help.

Start Easy. Start Positive.