How To Pick The Right Marine Battery



The warm weather is coming faster than you think, and Ellis Battery wants to be sure you’re prepared with a reliable battery (or in most cases, batteries)! Marine batteries are the most efficient when placed in the proper location on your boat and maintained regularly. Did you know that there are two types of marine batteries? Well, we’re here to explain the difference between cranking batteries and deep cycle batteries (and where you should use each)!


Every boat needs to have a battery dedicated to starting the vessel- it’s what sends power to the engine when you engage the ignition switch. Starting an engine requires a short, but powerful, burst of energy from your battery. Unlike other available batteries, cranking battery what a greater plate surface area, making it easier for it to provide the surge of power necessary to start your boat’s engine. However, the same thing that makes a cranking battery ideal for starting an engine, makes it a poor performer for ongoing powering of your vessel. After your cranking battery starts your boat, you need a deep cycle marine battery to keep it running efficiently!


Once you start your boat, you need a reliable source of constant power for trolling…this is where a deep cycle marine battery thrives. These batteries have fewer plates thank a cranking battery, but they are thicker, allowing for output over long periods of time. These thick plates also allow the battery to be recharged many times, and are less likely to overheat since they are built to withstand high temperatures during rough currents.


Although you should avoid using a cranking battery for continuous use or a deep cycle battery for starting, there are several batteries on the marketing that are dual-use batteries. These marine batteries are specifically made to handle the needs of a cranking and deep cycle battery. The benefit of dual-purpose batteries is only having to purchase one battery to get your vessel ready for the warmer weather! Although it’s one less battery to purchase, a two-in-one battery is not the best choice for every marine vessel. Consult with a professional to find out the best options for your boat.


When it comes to batteries, the folks here at Ellis know a thing or two. Come into one of our locations (we have six!) or give us a call. We’re here to help keep your boat running like the day you bought it.

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