Outdoor Batteries

There is nothing sweeter than spending time outside as a family during the summer. Although life can be hectic during the summer months, it’s also a great time to slow down and enjoy the outdoors. Days are filled with children’s play and laughter as they celebrate their break from school. Evenings are marked by the delicious aromas of outdoor BBQs after parents return home from work. You take time to focus on what’s really important as you devote time outdoors with the people you love most.

Here at Ellis, we have all of the everyday batteries to meet your summer needs. Stock up on batteries to keep your backyard bug zappers functioning properly. Just imagine, you’re sitting on your comfortable patio furniture with a juicy hamburger cooked on your outside grill. You’re surrounded by family chatter and the warm breeze that only summer brings. However, the bugs have decided to join you for dinner. No one wants those pesky mosquitos interrupting family cookouts! Stock up on batteries beforehand so you’re always prepared!

It’s also the perfect opportunity to make sure that the kids’ outdoor toys have fresh batteries for long days of play. You know best which outdoor battery-operated toys are overused and in need of fresh replacements! It’s easy to forget until it’s too late. To be safe, come grab an assortment of AA, AAA and other commonly used batteries from Ellis. We’ll help make sure your emergency stash is good to go!

Don’t forget to replace the batteries in your outdoor lanterns while you’re at it so that your family can enjoy time together outside as the sun goes down. The days are longer during the summer months, and there is something extra special about watching summer sunsets from your porch.

We don’t always consider the vast usefulness of extra batteries during the summer, and it’s easy to be caught off guard the week that all the batteries seem to need replacements. Prepare now and you’ll thank yourself later!

Start Easy. Start Positive.