Preparing for Fall

The season is changing, and we want to be sure your car battery is ready for the fall. There is nothing more inconvenient and stressful than a dead car battery, especially when you’re headed to work or another important event. We’re here to share sometimes for optimizing your battery’s lifespan. If you need a new battery now, run to your nearest Ellis Battery location today!

Drive your vehicle. Driving your vehicle regularly allows your alternator the time it needs to charge the battery. Not running your vehicle for long periods of time results in battery drainage. So, even if you don’t hit the road that often, take your vehicle out for a ride every few days to keep up the battery lifespan!

Keep the battery clean. Old batteries can get corroded or dirty during use, which impacts its ability to charge. Check your battery during your routine service appointments, and when you get your vehicle inspected. If it appears dirty, wiping it down will get rid of most of the dirt and grime that impact your battery life!

Keep phone charging to a minimum. Unless you absolutely have to use your car charger for your phone, tablet, or GPS, try to avoid using it. Charging these electronics drains your car battery more quickly than usual!

Insulate your battery. By insulating your battery, you can control its temperature and expand its life. You should only use materials meant for battery insulation, however, as sticking just anything under your hood could result in damage!

Keep up with upkeep. Without a healthy battery, your vehicle isn’t much use! Taking these few extra precautions, and replacing your battery regularly once it starts to show signs of wear or fast discharge, keep you on the road without delay…especially inclement fall and winter weather!

Start Easy. Start Positive.