Spring is here! Check your battery!

Checking your battery and the importance

Winter is coming to an end and it is finally getting warm out! We are all excited for the things that warm weather brings, such as, vacations, traveling, and long summer drives! Did you know that our car batteries work twice as hard in the winter months? This is due to the changing temperature and the wear and tear from driving. With these challenges in the winter months, your battery can drain quickly. Therefore, you should be checking your battery regularly, especially after the long winter months. We, at Ellis Battery, sell a variety of tools that can assist you in managing the upkeep for your batteries, such as testers and chargers.


Our testers are designed to check the quality of your batteries life. The tester audits the voltage output, which ensures that the battery is operating at maximum electric capacity. We carry many different testers, for all batteries. Without a tester it is very difficult to determine how factors are affecting your battery. These factors include time, weather, and usage.


Battery chargers are used to add charge to your existing battery. Have you ever had a bad battery, but were in a pinch and couldn’t purchase a battery at that moment? Well we have the solution for you! All you need is one of our affordable battery chargers. We sell chargers for a variety of devices, with our largest selection in car battery chargers.

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